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HI-LITE: Aluminum Concrete Forming, Shoring and Building Systems


Overhang Bridge Brackets - I95Aluminum is the leading edge material in concrete forming and concrete shoring products in the new millennium.

Hi-Lite is why.

In the days when wood and steel were the only choice, Hi-Lite designs captured the allegiance of project managers in the United States and Canada.

Now, more and more, those same aluminum innovations are used worldwide.

Designed for Concrete Contractors

Whether you currently use another aluminum building system, steel or wood, we invite you to discover the benefits of Hi-Lite aluminum systems for your next concrete forming and concrete shoring project.  What does 1/3 the weight and incredible versatility in a shoring frame or I beam mean to you? Less handling, reduced maintenance, lower costs…less trouble.  Hi-Lite Systems mean greater success.

Our aluminum systems have proven their superiority everywhere - in difficult times and difficult places with access limitations, non-standard dimensions, restricted staging areas, zoning or time constraints, unusual terrain, schedule co-ordination issues and variable conditions of any kind.

Innovations that reduce construction time and increase productivity

Our innovative aluminum fly forms, modular aluminum shoring frames, aluminum bridge overhang brackets, aluminum beams, aluminum post shores and many of our other products have helped concrete contractors reduce cost and complete projects ahead of schedule.

See how our products have been used in demanding situations worldwide, please visit our concrete projects pages and read our customer testimonials.

If you have an application for aluminum concrete forming, shoring or building systems you will find the information you need here. You can also contact us, anytime!


Sample Concrete Forming and Shoring Projects

Bridge Overhang Bracket

Anthony Hendey Roadway - Edmonton - 6’ overhanging slab with 11” thickness.
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12k Aluminum Shoring Frames

Civil Project with 40' high ceiling and 36' high wall form
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Aluminum Fly Form

50 story tower completed well before deadline
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16k Aluminum Shoring Frames

Parking garage and typical slabs
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Aluminum Fly Form

Moved from one floor to another with ease
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Aluminum Wall Forms

Largest project ever built in North America 
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