For 1 to 3 frame (up to 20′) high towers, with 12″ maximum screwjack extension top and bottom or with jacks extended 12″ at one end and extension tubes at the other, extended not more than 141/2″ using 5 and 6 foot high frames.

NOTE: For towers using only 4′ high frames up to four frames high, loads in this table can be increased by 15%.

Height of Tower Super Hi-Lite Frames C/W Interframe Crossbraces without Interframe Crossbracing Super Hi-Lite Frames
Allowable Load per Leg
One tier 9,500 lb. (4320 kg.) 9,500 lb. (4320 kg.)
Two tier 11,600 lb. (5200 kg.) 9,200 lb. (4180 kg.)
Three tier 12,000 lb. (5443 kg.) 8,800 lb. (4000 kg.)