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Concrete Wall Forms

Construction industry leaders choose our aluminum beam concrete wall form system over steel and wood – it reduces cost and increases productivity.

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Sample Projects

Wall Forms - Riverhead Digester - Newfoundland
Riverhead Digester

Hi-Lite Concrete Wall FormProduct Highlights
  • Uses the minimum number of components possible.
  • Re-usable components.
  • Assembles and strips Easily.
  • Frames can be reassembled or repositioned quickly.
  • Can quickly adapt to changes in size during the construction cycle.
What contractors want
  • A system that uses the minimum number of components possible.
  • Re-usable components.
  • Formwork that assembles easily and is easily stripped.
  • Frames that can be reassembled or repositioned quickly
  • The flexibility to adapt to changes in size during the construction cycle.
Modular design outperforms

We minimize the number of parts by providing three different types of Aluminum Strongback Beam Systems. (Aluminum strongbacks are the two-piece back-to-back channels that support the tie-rods that hold the two wallforms together.  Each tie-rod is bolted to the strongback assembly, goes all the way through the concrete and is bolted to the strongback on the other side.  When the concrete hardens the tie-rod is removed along with the rest of the formwork and the resulting hole is plastered or plugged.) 

The three systems are:

  • A light weight system.
  • A mid-range gang system.
  • A heavy duty gang system

The light weight system - can be hand set.  It uses light duty tie-rods bolted to
small size strongback channels for vertical support.  The horizontal beams/stringers
are also in the small size range.

The mid-range system - must be gang set. It uses a smaller number of medium
strength tie-rods and medium size strongbacks.  This system uses vertical joists
and horizontal beams or stringers which are all medium size.

The heavy duty gang system - is also gang set and uses the least number of
tie-rods spaced the furthest apart.  This system uses tie-rods, strongbacks
vertical joists and horizontal beams/stringers which are all heavy-duty.

Re-usable components

All three systems are made of aluminum parts which are damage resistant and can be stripped without difficulty by the workers.

Easy to handle

The light weight means that even the heaviest component can be lifted by a single worker for ease in dismantling and reassembling by hand or repositioning by crane.

Variable conditions

When wallform or column size changes during construction Hi-Lite has the answer.  Our strongbacks – in any system – can be spliced together using our unique telescopic channels to create joists.  They can also be used as joists in the formation of concrete slabs.

Hi-Lite aluminum beam concrete wall forming systems meet and exceed the demands of contractors the world over building projects with walls and columns of any height and length.  One of our systems is sure to meet your needs.

Contact us for engineering data including maximum loads for strength to weight ratios, load capacities, quality control specifications and other technical data.