A simple and versatile structure with many uses.

HI-LITE supplies a baker scaffold 6 feet in length and height with a 28 inch wide working platform.  The platform, which is covered with plywood, and the attached guardrail can be easily adjusted and the entire scaffold can be assembled by one person. It comes with casters, brakes, and safety features to support uses such as painting, maintenance, electrical, ceiling, lighting, and related applications.

  • Dimensions 6′ x 6′ x 28′.
  • Casters with dual-action brake system.
  • Lightweight square tube construction.
  • One person set-up.
  • Working platform adjusts in 2 steps.
  • Guard railing (not shown) remains at the platform level as it is directly mounted on it.
  • Typical Applications: electrical, painting, acoustic tiles, window cleaning, lighting and wiring maintenance,  and general building.
Part No. Description
SSBS Baker Scaffold C/W Plywood/Castors
SSBSF Baker Scaffold Frame 70x29in
SSBSHR Baker Scaffold Hand Rail
SSBSI Baker Scaffold W/O Plywood/Castors
SSBSSR Baker Scaffold Side Rail


Contact us for engineering data including maximum loads for strength to weight ratios, load capacities, quality control specifications and other technical data.

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