Who We Are: Pioneers in Aluminum Concrete Shoring Systems

HI-LITE Systems Inc. is a North American company specializing in aluminum concrete support systems and scaffolding for more than six decades.                                                           

George W. Jackson entered the industry in 1952, beginning Jackson Scaffolding Ltd. in Vancouver. His keen sense of product design and technology quickly evolved as George introduced the world’s first Aluminum Shoring frames systems and Super HI-LITE. Joined by his sons Barry and David, the family continued to design and develop new and innovative products – using aluminum at a time when most competitors insisted on wood and steel systems.

Today, HI-LITE’s aluminum concrete support systems can be used wherever concrete is poured in place. If your project has special requirements, HI-LITE can deliver custom solutions that take advantage of our knowledge, product lines, and custom manufacturing.

HI-LITE is Aluminum…

HI-LITE Systems are made from HI-strength, LITE-weight aluminum – hence our name.

HI-LITE has been an innovator and world leader in the shoring and forming industry for over sixty years. Our aluminum concrete shoring products are designed to help contractors reduce costs and increase productivity:

  • Ease of use and lightweight aluminum allows one worker to do more in less time.
  • By design, our systems adapt to almost any condition to get job done faster.
  • Aluminum doesn’t rust and never requires painting, making HI-LITE’s systems virtually maintenance free.
  • HI-LITE’s systems are extremely resistant to onsite damage, which increases their service life.
  • Less inventory required means lower storage, handling, and transportation costs.

What Can You Do With HI-LITE?

Competitive advantages making HI-LITE’s aluminum concrete shoring systems a worldwide market leader include:

  • Ability to build faster with increased efficiency.
  • Competitive pricing with excellent cost/value ratio.
  • Concrete forming labor cost, representing up to 80% of total forming cost.
  • Large element system formwork to reduce labor requirements for forming.
  • Unsurpassed weight to strength ratio.
  • HI-LITE Systems Formwork can be quickly assembled and easily moved by an average capacity crane.
  • Initial assembly costs are amortized over the whole project as panels remain intact throughout the job.
  • Large panels reduce the quantity of fillers, minimize decking joints, and eliminate a large amount of material wastage from cutting, damage, and loss.
  • Professional project phasing and management.
  • Ability to provide training and safety programs

HI-LITE systems offer: 

  • Efficiency: HI-LITE systems benefit from aluminum’s high strength and low weight.
  • Speed: The ease of handling large, lightweight elements results in increased speed of construction and accelerated project completion dates.
  • Quality: Larger formwork elements and more systematized formwork designs result in a finished product far superior to that derived from the use of small, handset components.
  • Safety: Lighter components mean fewer aches, pains, and injuries for workers.
  • Longevity: Aluminum doesn’t rust, never needs to be painted, and has high elasticity to resist jobsite damage three times better than steel.
  • Ease of Transportation: Weight and volume limitations are balanced, making HI-LITE’s equipment the most economical to transport.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials in the world.