1.       What products do you have available for rent?

At HI-LITE, we offer most of our aluminum shoring systems for rent such as:

  • Aluminum 12K, 25K Shoring Frames and Accessories
  • Aluminum Telescopic Fly Form System
  • Aluminum and Steel Post Shores
  • Aluminum Bridge Overhang Brackets
  • Aluminum Beams (Joist and Stringer/Strongback)

To learn more or discuss the needs specific to your application, please contact us.


2.       Where can you deliver?

HI-LITE has Rental Partners in many parts of Canada and the United States to facilitate the delivery of our products. In markets that are not supported by our Rental Partners, we directly support ourselves.

To learn more or discuss the needs specific to your application, please contact us.


3.       Do you offer training with your products when rented?

We are happy to accommodate our customers with in-house and/or on-site training when introducing newer technology and for products that require orientation to best optimize performance and address safety awareness.


4.       Are product technical specifications, safety guidelines, and other resources available for each product?

All of our product lines are fully supported with technical manuals detailing the components and their use in the system. At HI-LITE, we stress workplace safety and design our products and procedures to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Customer Support Representatives will provide the necessary resources and tools to ensure our customers maintain a safe and productive workplace


5.       Do you have a variety of rental terms? How long are the rental terms?

Every project is different, and the length of a rental term can vary from a few weeks to several years.

Typically the industry standard is for billings to be 28 days or greater. As our customers sometimes require flexibility, we are happy to address unique and specific requirements on a job-by-job basis.


6.       What happens if the rental product gets damaged? 

Losses and damages are an unfortunate part of rentals. Both we at HI-LITE and our Rental Partners believe in treating our customers fairly and honestly, looking towards long-term relationships built by mutually satisfying interactions.

Damaged equipment must be repaired in order to ensure the safety of future work. We charge a fair value for this repair or the replacement of the product. We make our living on the sale and rental of our products, not on the practice of charging unfair prices to fix them.


7.       Do you provide engineering services and support?

HI-LITE provides full design layout and calculations for our various systems, including professional engineering approval. We can provide site inspection and other site-related engineering services upon request.