Every project is different. At HI-LITE, we understand that. We provide a range of services – including equipment sales and rental, system engineering, and on-site technical assistance – and will work with you to develop shoring, forming, and scaffolding solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.



Many contractors choose to purchase or rent shoring and formwork products for their own projects:


  • Renting is often ideal for projects shorter than 12 months, as contractors don’t need to store or maintain the systems when they’re not in use.
  • Purchasing is best for longer projects, especially those longer than 12 months. Shoring and frameworks products will often qualify as a “capital purchase,” and long-term leases can become costly. If contractors are likely to undertake projects requiring similar systems, it can be handy to have that equipment ready to go.

Our Services for Contractors

At HI-LITE, our engineers can provide a range of services including:

  • Design and layout drawings
  • An engineering stamp of approval on final drawings (depending on Province- and state-specific codes)
  • Logistical support to ensure products arrive to your project or staging area in an organized manner, guaranteeing quick and orderly access to the right materials at the right time
  • On-site supervision of the assembly of materials
  • On-site product training to ensure proper usage and guarantee safe practices are followed
  • Pre-pour inspection with respect to the design and layout of our products prior to concrete placement


Dealers & Distributors

Dealers and distributors typically manage a territory or market, offering HI-LITE’s products or services to contractors. Dealers often have sales and engineering teams, enabling them to provide direct services.

  • In most situations, dealers purchase products from HI-LITE and re-sell or rent them directly to contractors.
  • Sometimes, dealers will act as rental partners. This gives both them and the contractors in their territory access to a larger product inventory.

Our Services for Dealers

Dealers usually provide most direct services like:

  • Design and layout drawings
  • An stamp of approval on all final drawings
  • Logistical support to ensure products arrive on time
  • On-site supervision and training

HI-LITE’s experts, though, are ready to help complement a dealer’s service offering and provide additional support for contractors.



Independent engineering and design firms typically don’t buy, sell, or rent formwork and shoring products. Instead, they specify which products or companies will best support their customers’ projects.

Our Services for Designers

HI-LITE’s experts can provide services including:

  • Design and manufacturing support for forming and shoring equipment
  • On-site support and supervision
  • Logistical support
  • Marketing and presenting our systems and equipment

Designers and contractors will request those types of services, though typically designers are looking more for qualifying engineering data to quantify load capacities or other details relating to our products and their specific application.