At HI-LITE, we understand that each project has its own budget and unique set of requirements. By giving you the option to rent our shoring, forming, and truss equipment and systems, there’s always a way you can use our products to your benefit.

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Aluminum Concrete Shoring Equipment

Aluminum Concrete ShoringHI-LITE’s aluminum concrete shoring products are ideal for a range of applications, helping contractors around the world do more with less. Our systems (aluminum frames, fly forms, shores, beams, and more) are renowned for being durable, versatile, and easy to handle while requiring little upkeep to maintain.


Our aluminum concrete shoring products include:

Aluminum Formwork Equipment

Aluminum Beam Wall FormsOur aluminum formwork equipment is used by contractors around the world, reducing costs and increasing productivity. HI-LITE’s formwork systems are simple to use, strong, and versatile enough to be used in a variety of work conditions and environments.



Our aluminum formwork equipment includes:

Truss Rental

Aluminum Fly FormsHI-LITE’s trusses are used when a working platform can’t be assembled easily on site. They’re suited for a range of applications—including underneath bridges and highways, over stadiums, or in high-rise buildings—and are available in heavy- and light-duty configurations to meet varying load and span constraints.


Our truss systems include:

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