When perimeter beams, upturn beams or internal beams restrict easy flying, HI-LITE’s Drop Leg Fly Forms make these difficult projects flyable.

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The Aluminum Drop Leg Fly Form is a modular component system assembled into rugged adjustable aluminum trusses, using standard aluminum beams and a range of compatible custom designed accessories. It is designed to allow flying where upturn and perimeter beams restrict flying. The drop legs can be retracted into the truss, thus reducing the height of the truss so that it can be flown over and under these beams. The system uses the same efficient moving equipment as the Telescopic Fly Form System.

Product Highlights

  • Significantly reduces crane time.
  • The drop leg makes it possible to fly over and under the beams.
  • Modular components reduce skilled labor costs.
  • Lightweight and easy-to-handle systems result in increased productivity.
  • Moving equipment makes stripping, moving, and positioning quick and easy.

Decrease Crane Time

Fly and drop. The crane sets the flying system down on blocks near the desired location. Our mechanical jack dollies then go to work, helping position the form precisely in just minutes. The crane is released far sooner so that more tables can be flown per hour than any other system. Less crane time means on quicker completion time at a lower cost.

Reduce Labor Cost

The system uses standard modular components for ease of assembly. You are building the table only once and then reusing it throughout the entire project. The specialized moving equipment reduces labor and speeds up the construction process. You increase productivity, profits, and efficiency.

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