HI-LITE’s dedication to establishing safe worksites is supported by commitment to designing secure shoring, forming, and scaffolding equipment. We have designed them to ensure we can safely contribute to the projects of all our partners and customers.

We also offer guides and on-site instruction about how to use our equipment in the safest ways possible.

Safe Shoring, Forming, and Scaffolding Equipment

Engineered by an experienced and award-winning team, all of our products are designed according to North American and international safety standards. Our forming and shoring systems have a 2.5:1 safety factor, whereas our scaffolding is 4:1.

We satisfy the requirements of the following Canadian Standards Act (CSA) codes for testing shoring, forming, and scaffolding equipment at our in-house facility:

  • CAN/CSA – S269.1
  • CAN/CSA – S269.2 – M 87

Our safety design strategy is based on:

  • Testing all shoring, forming, and scaffolding equipment in our in-house, modern testing facility to satisfy CSA and SSFI (USA) standards. We meet all safety requirements of the CSA code (CAN/CSA – S269.2 – M87 and CAN-CSA – S269.1) for all our shoring, scaffolding, and formwork testing.

Materials to Help Use HI-LITE Shoring and Scaffolding Systems Safely and Correctly

HI-LITE’s convenient documentation is easy to read and easy to use. Showing you the right way to use and operate our systems, you’ll learn what you need to know for safe and effective work on the jobsite.

HI-LITE’s Safety Guidelines

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. At HI-LITE, we design our products are designed according to North American and International standards to keep contractors safe on the job.

Our safety guidelines include:

  • Inspecting all the equipment before it’s used
  • Making all shoring layouts available for use on construction sites at all times
  • Following all instructions and inspecting all shoring and forming equipment for conformity before, during, and after concrete is set
  • Consulting HI-LITE if you have any questions or concerns

Understanding and following these guidelines will improve safety for workers. If you have any questions or need assistance obtaining additional training, please contact HI-LITE.