Here is what our clients say about us . . .

Nova Construction Co. Ltd.

We have used the 12,000 lb capacity HI-LITE Aluminum Bridge Overhang Bracket on our bridge projects in Nova Scotia.

The HI-LITE team worked with us from start to finish to provide the most efficient, high-quality, light-weight forming system to meet our required designs.

The HI-LITE bracket installs, adjusts and strips quickly, therefore greatly improving our overall construction schedule.

Danny White C.E.T.
Project Manager

Knight Contracting Ltd.

It was 1980 here in Victoria, B.C. when I first met George Jackson. My business was fresh and Jasco Scaffold was the shoring era!

Observing the growth of multistory concrete building in this little city, I departed from the normal practice of renting shoring systems and never looked back.

George actually came and met me here and advised me on what I needed, he even custom manufactured an idea that we both came up with to make 4’0” frames capably of taking 10K per leg at full extension making essentially a 6’0” frame. Knight Contracting has been buy shoring from HiLite for over 35 years.

I find the Jasco Brand, HI-LITE Systems and the constant evolution of their products to be one of the first innovators that has changed concrete forming to where it is today!

Wayne R. Knight

Collavino Group

This correspondence is to confirm that Collavino Group has utilized the HI-LITE Telescopic Flying Form System on several of their project within Ontario and the United States over the past several years. Most recently we’ve utilized the system on the King Charlotte Condominium project in downtown Toronto which is thirty-four levels. On this particular project, a few typical floors had varying floor to floor elevation changes. With the use of the telescopic truss system, the elevation changes did not pose any problems to our overall project cycle and the trusses were adjusted easily by our crews.

Further to the above, our team was very pleased with the attention given to the project by yourself and the HI-LITE design team. The engineering and regular site support was fantastic.
We look forward to working with HI-LITE System and your team on future projects.

Mr. Paolo M. Collavino
Collavino Group

“Borgata Hotel and Casino” project in Atlantic City

Collavino Northeast Construction

“This letter is to inform HI-LITE systems of Collavino’s success at meeting our schedule restrictions for a fifty story casino building utilizing HI-LITE’s fly-form I table system and aluminum post shores,

Collavino had begun the typical levels of the tower in early July 2001 and was required to complete all typical floors within fifty-two weeks of our start date. As of June 19, 2002, all typical floors were completed and roof construction was beginning.

Construction of the typical floors could have been completed sooner however our operations had lost roughly twenty-four working days overall throughout the course of. In order to achieve our schedule Collavino’s crews consisted of twelve employees during the day and eight employees on an evening shift, however this was due to the difficult floor plane that we were required to construct, if the building footprint was less complicated a second shift would not have been required.

In conclusion, Collavino was extremely pleased with the performance of the equipment purchased from HI-LITE to construct the typical floors. Collavino thanks HI-LITE for their professionalism in coordinating the layouts and taking the time to train our employees how to use this system effectively and efficiently In order to allow for the best possible production and performance.”

Paolo M. Collavino
Project Manager

“Borgata Water Club” project in Atlantic City

Weatherby Construction

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts and performance on our 50 story tower for the Borgata Water Club project in Atlantic City. Your 70′ flying tables performed as promised, resulting in a safe and efficient shoring operation on a project that I trust was as successful for you as it was for Weatherby Construction.

Your engineering support was critical on this highly visible project and your timely response to our never ending requests for signed and sealed calculations was greatly appreciated. As you know, we were able to completely cycle 8000 sf of typical floor shoring in less than 2 hours and, on a project where the crane time was at a premium, this kind of speed impacted all other crane dependent tasks, allowing us to meet our contract schedule obligations.

These light weight aluminum tables were fantastic and I would be happy to be a reference for your firm if that is something you would like. Once again, thanks for your help and we look forward to working together again, hopefully soon. “

Richard T. Bischoff
Vice President/General Manager

“Jamaica Train Station” Queens, NY

Perini Tutor-Sallba JV

“Perini/Tutor-Saliba was satisfied with the use of HI-LITE’s ‘Fly Form’ as the base for various temporary platform layouts on the referenced project.

The installation of this system was not a typical use, but we found the system easy to install and its adjustment and modification capabilities allowed us the flexibility to adapt to the numerous field conditions that occurred working in an active railroad station.

HI-LITE’s personnel provided us with all of the necessary technical support and drawings as well as on site support for erection of a platform mock up. They also responded to the daily field modification issues in an expeditious manner.”

Jay A. Gold
Project Engineer

Boulevard Des Allumettieres

Gatineau, QC

“We greatly appreciated our first experience with your aluminum overhang brackets. As can be seen in the enclosed Pictures we have first hand experience on this particular job since we used both systems: the conventional steel overhang brackets and the HI-LITE aluminum overhang brackets.

Their manipulations and Installation is by far much faster than the conventional steel brackets”

Francesco Colatrella
Project Manager

Harrah’s Casino / Revel Casino

Madison Concrete Construction

As the Concrete Subconctractor for the new Harrah’s Bay Tower II in Atlantic City, we were greatly satisfied with the use of the Hi-Life Truss Form System for the cast in place concrete decks.

Harrahs Bay Tower II is a 46 story structure in which we achieved a three day cycle on the typical floors. On the non-typical floors, the HI-LITE Truss Form System was adjusted to accommodate the varying floor to floor heights. Directions and modifications to the HI-LITE Truss Forming System were easily communicated to us by your technical support staff during the duration of the project.

Overall, the HI-LITE Truss Forming System was a great benefit and allowed us to improve on the overall concrete schedule, which was welcomed by the General Contractor as well as the Owner.”

Carl Sparano
Project Manager