• Increases productivity – lowers labor costs.
  • Reduces inventory – lowers material costs.
  • Keeps the job moving ahead.

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How can the design of a simple part like a tie-rod can do all that?

  1. It comes with wide-mouthed cones and a plastic tube spacer. The spacer is used to position the rebar and larger-sized holes are drilled in the walls. The cones act as joiners. You save time by not nailing a holder for every rebar to the plywood.
  2. You save even more time by not searching for a small hole in the plywood for every single tie-rod your workers push through it. The wide mouthed cones act as joiners. Push the tie-rod through the strongback and attach to the cone. What could be simpler?
  3. The two wall forms line up easily.
  4. Re-use all the parts except the inexpensive plastic tube, which is left in the wall. Even the cones are easily removed. No she-bolts, spacers, snap-ties or coil-rods are consumed!
  5. HI-LITE tie-rods act as spacers and eliminate the need to nail spacers to the wall form. You save even more time.
  6. With a recessed plastic tube as the only remaining part, no spacer is exposed on finished surfaces.

HI-LITE Tie-Rods are available in three sizes:

  • 1/2" which is rated at 6.8 kips SWL (2.2 to 1)
  • 3/4" which is rated at 18.0 kips SWL (2.2 to 1)
  • 1" which is rated at 37.8 kips SWL (2.2 to 1)

All those advantages with one component part – that’s the HI-LITE System Design Difference. Contact us!

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