Screw Jack DWDAG

Screw jacks are the accessory used to safely adjust the scaffold legs. This may be necessary when different working heights are encountered or when the scaffold is mounted on sloped surfaces.

Like all products that HI-LITE Systems supplies, the screw jacks are safety tested to meet or exceed building code requirements. They are designed for ease of operation and are compatible with the rest of the scaffolding system.

  • Available thread styles: Rolled ACME and DWYDAG
  • Designed to work with the following scaffolding:
    Leg Sizes:

    • 41mm (1 5/8″) (O.D.)
    • 43mm (1.69″) (O.D.)
    • 48mm (1.9″) (O.D.)
  • Total screw jack length 610mm (24″), custom lengths are available.
  • All Components Are Zinc Plated For Long Life.
  • Minimum Adjustment Height 50 mm (2″)
  • Maximum Adjustment Height 460 mm (18″)
  • Maximum O.D. Using Outer Ring On Nut 48 mm (1.9″)
  • Maximum O.D. Using inner Ring On Nut 43 mm (1.69″)
  • Minimum I.D 34 mm (1.35″)
  • Weight-ACME 3.1 kg 6.8 lbs
  • Weight DWYDAG 4.6 kg 10 lbs
Part No. Description
SJ33 Scaf Screw Jack (Acme) 24in
SJ3330 Scaf Screw Jack (Acme) 30in
SJ33BP Scaf SJ Base Plate 1/4x6x6in
SJ33BPS Scaf SJ Base Plate 1/4x6x6in Swivel
SJ33CST Scaf SJ (Acme) C/W Caster Holder
SJ33S Scaf Screw Jack (Acme) 24in Swivel
SJ33UH88 Scaf Screw Jack (Acme) 8×8 U Head
SJLD Scaf Screw Jack 1inx24in DD
SJLDCH Scaf SJ 1″x24″ Dd C/W Caster Holder

Contact us for engineering data including maximum loads for strength to weight ratios, load capacities, quality control specifications and other technical data.

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