Safe and sturdy steel scaffold frames shipped to you at a reasonable cost

HI-LITE sells complete two-dimensional scaffold frames of various sizes, which can be shipped at reasonable cost. The frames are fabricated to form sturdy frame units that exceed safety specifications.

The sides of the frames are connected at the worksite with secure accessories provided to form the three-dimensional scaffolding unit which workers can use to safely carry on their trade.

We also sell all the parts that are needed to complement the scaffold frames and contribute to a safe and efficient worksite.

Note: Frames are available in painted (powder coat) or galvanized options

Ladder Frames
Part No.DescriptionScaffold ladder frames
SSLF3627Ladder Frame 36×27-1/2in (HxW)
SSLF3660Ladder Frame 36x60in (HxW)
SSLF4860Ladder Frame 48x60in (HxW)
SSLF6027Ladder Frame 60×27-1/2in (HxW)
SSLF6042Ladder Frame 60x42in (HxW)
SSLF6048Ladder Frame 60x48in (HxW)
SSLF6060Ladder Frame 60x60in (HxW)
SSLF3642Ladder Frame36x42in (HxW)
Arch Frames
Part No. DescriptionScaffold arch frames
SSAF7830Arch Frame HxW 78inx30in
SSAF7836Arch Frame HxW 78inx36in
SSAF7848Arch Frame HxW 78inx48in
SSAF7860Arch Frame HxW 78inx60in
SSAF78LBMArch Frame HxW78in Legs Bare Metal
SSAF78SArch Frame 78in Side
SSAF99LBArch Frame HxW 99in Leg
SSAFEBArch Frame End Bracket
SSWTF9978Walk Thru Frame 99inx78in
SSAFEBHOOKDouble Hook For Arch Frame End Bracket
Broiler Frame
SSBF7823Broiler Frame HxW 78inx23in GalvScaffold broiler frame-yellow


Contact us for engineering data including maximum loads for strength to weight ratios, load capacities, quality control specifications, and other technical data.

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