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Additional Information

  • A single person can handle and set up the systems, even under challenging circumstances.
  • Snap-on Jet Locks make putting shoring frames up and taking them down fast, safe, and easy.
  • Interchangeable components make the system adaptable and adjustable, letting it suit a diverse range of applications.
  • The system’s lightweight and modular features reduce transportation and handling costs.

We manufacture 25k aluminum shoring frames with a load capacity of up to 111.2 kN (25,000 lbs) per leg and a safety factor of 2.5:1.

While everyone else catches up, HI-LITE keeps designing and still improving.


Strong and Durable

Like all of our modular systems, this one resists damage, is re-usable, and is high capacity. It has a long service life and requires minimal maintenance throughout.

We manufacture 25K frames with load capacities of up to 222 kN (50,000 lbs) and safety factors of 2.5:1, which is lighter than steel shoring frames with capacities of only 44.5 kN (10,000 lbs)! The benefits are dramatic, especially with our design advantages.

Maximum Versatility

HI-LITE’s aluminum shoring frames are all modular:

  • The components are interchangeable and adjustable.
  • The legs easily convert to post shores when the inside panels are removed.
  • The ledgers are compatible with three different design capacity systems – 10k, 16k and 25k.
  • Four vertical T-bolt slots run the full length of every leg so that braces can be attached at any height and in all four directions.
  • They accommodate ½ inch bolts with three different heads.
  • Two-foot spacing of the ledgers makes climbing easy.
  • Combinations of accessories like screw jacks, base plates, and extension tubes can be added to meet almost any conditions, including sloped surfaces.


All of this means two things – lighter components and fewer of them. Less inventory means fewer transportation needs to and from the worksite. That means lower storage costs and handling charges. Ease of assembly reduces labor costs, over and over again.

Safe and Efficient

  • Aluminum shoring frames are light enough to be hand set if needed.
  • Under a slab, where the use of a crane can be especially awkward, hand dismantling is a real advantage.
  • A single worker can lift even the heaviest component (27 kg. or 60 lb.).

Product Highlights

  • Single-person handling when it's needed is available.
  • Snap-on Jet Locks make erection and dismantling easy, fast, and safe.
  • Versatile components are interchangeable, ready to be adjusted to suit different applications.
  • Transport and handling costs are reduced because of the system's lightweight and modular features.
  • The Quick Release Pin on 25K Screw Jack makes stripping quick and easy.

Contact us for engineering data including maximum loads for strength to weight ratios, load capacities, quality control specifications, and other technical data.

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