As a construction company looking to work more safely and efficiently, HI-LITE is your strategic partner. Working with our experts will accelerate your shoring, forming, and scaffolding efforts while making the jobsite more secure for your workers and your final construction more impressive.

HI-LITE Systems will provide high-efficiency Shoring, Forming and Scaffolding solutions for any of your construction projects.

Our range of services can make these goals a reality, as we have offerings to meet your specific needs:

  • Needs Analysis and Proposals
  • Shoring and forming Estimates
  • Horizontal Forming Technology
  • Vertical Forming Technology
  • Aluminum Shoring Solutions
  • Telescopic Aluminum Flying Form Systems
  • Drop Legs Aluminum Flying Form System
  • Engineering Design
  • Custom Forming Solutions
  • Safety and Training
  • Project Management
  • Temporary Access Scaffolding

Sales and Rental of Shoring, Forming and Scaffolding Systems

We offer all of our advanced systems for sale or rent.

HI-LITE understands that each client and project has its own budget and requirements. By giving you the option to either buy or rent our shoring, forming, and scaffolding systems, there’s a way you can use our products to your benefit.

Aluminum Shoring, Forming, and Scaffolding System

To increase your productivity and improve your safety and custom specific design requirements, our experienced engineering team is continuously developing concrete shoring and forming product enhancements.

We can develop shoring and framing projects to meet your unique requirements, based on drawings and technical specifications you provide us with. We also develop custom unique equipment and tooling, led by specialists in our design department.

HI-LITE provides Shoring, Forming Scaffolding and Re-shoring layout CAD drawings with Engineer’s approval and all necessary design, calculations and structural analysis using advanced computer programs.

Our design department’s priorities when creating our products are:

  • Reliability and safety, on the basis of strict compliance to high design standards.
  • Efficiency and economical use, as even the most complex formwork systems should be easy to operate and maintain standard elements that can be used on other construction parts.
  • Accuracy, quality, and clarity in the short-term preparation of design documentation.

Project Management and Technical Site Assistance

The main purpose of our project management and technical site assistance services is to prevent deviations from the shoring and formwork project solutions designed by HI-LITE, which could lead to deterioration in the quality and safety of your project.

Specifically, HI-LITE can help you with your workflows in every stage of your project to improve efficiency on the jobsite. We believe that through this direct communication and collaboration, we can work together to improve the safety of your workers and structures.

Our assistance can include:

  • Detailed identification and assessment of your needs.
  • Advice about technical and logistical issues regarding shoring and forming operations.
  • Creating customized shoring and forming solutions for your project.

Construction Program Planning

HI-LITE can prepare a detailed overview about the quantity of shoring and forming equipment you needed to complete your project. Your overall costs will be lowered by ensuring optimized equipment stocks are on the construction site.

We can also create related utilization plans and schedules to clarify the sequence of individual steps you must take to complete your project.

Pre-Assembly – Both On- and Off-Site – and Assembly Instructions and Drawings

Our specialists will help you assemble your equipment on site, or at our warehouse. We will work to finish everything on time, according to construction progress and project timeline.

We will also provide your team with equipment assembly instructions and detailed working drawings.

Formwork Coordination

When you need it, our specialists can perform additional tasks and formwork co-ordination on the jobsite, including:

  • Safe and effective construction operations planning.
  • Working to meet specific, detailed formwork requirements.

Safety Instructions

You’ll learn how to safely and efficiently use our specialty forming, shoring, and scaffolding equipment with help from our professionals. They’ll instruct your workers about how to get the most out of our products.

We also offer on-site support during the projects, ensuring you take advantage of our resources so that construction smoothly moves ahead.

Marketing Solutions

Our marketing team will partner with you to communicate the value of your products and services. We have a particular expertise in presentations and other traditional marketing materials.

With our support, your prospects will have a greater understanding of what you can do to benefit them.

Logistics Services

We provide comprehensive support from the start of construction until the last return delivery in rental projects. For sales projects, we also provide custom, delivery, and paper documentations.

HI-LITE’s workers have a detailed understanding – backed up by years of experience – about how to correctly load, pack, store, and secure shoring and forming equipment. As well as standard shipments, we have facilitated a range of wide, abnormal, and pre-assembled loads.

As a client, you can expect:

  • Easy, on-call delivery.
  • Items to be delivered in a timely manner.
  • Minimization of risks that would lead to potential damage and rectification work.