The Steel Post Shores are primarily used in light construction applications and re-shoring. Consult with HI-LITE Engineering for design.

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Additional Information

HI-LITE’s Premium Steel Post Shores are made of high-quality steel tubes and accessories which are galvanized or painted to ensure many years of repeated use. Ideal for long-term ownership, it delivers maximum stripping performance due to its labour-saving quick release pin. This results in significant savings in the time required to set and strip Post Shores.

150mm x 150mm Base/6in x 6in Top Plate

The 5mm (1/4in) steel plate features connection and alignment holes for adapting to u-heads, beams, and other common post-shore applications.

Full-Length Tube/Thread

The outer tube is full length and continuous. With thread cut into the outer tube, you get a higher capacity and longer life expectancy compared to products welded into thinner walled tubes. This reduces weight and cost.

Notched Stacking

A greater concentration of post-shores can be placed into shopping cradles. This is due to the notch on the base plates allowing for more shores to be packed more closely together while maximizing stability.

Shipping Cradle

  • Easy transportation for shipping Post Shores by track or lifting to the working deck for installation and stripping
  • Racks are designed to hold 63 Post Shores
  • Racks can be safely stacked 2 or 3 high, providing the surface is level and hard packed
HPS-0 3’6” 13,746 lbs 6’ 11,546 lbs 29 lbs
1.07 m 61.14 kN 1.8 m 51.36 kN 13.15 kgs
HPS-1 5’9” 11,546 lbs 10’3” 7,209 lbs 46 lbs
1.75 m 51.36 kN 3.12 m 32.07 kN 20.85 kgs
HPS-2 6’6” 12,043 lbs 11’ 6,734 lbs 48 lbs
1.98 m 53.57 kN 3.35 m 29.95 kN 21.77 kgs
HPS-3 8’6” 7,317 lbs 13’ 3,141 lbs 54 lbs
2.59 m 32.55 kN 3.96 m 13.97 kN 24.49 kgs
HPS-4 10’6” 8,419 lbs 16’ 2,968 lbs 64 lbs
3.20 m 37.45 kN 4.88 m 13.97 kN 29.04 kgs

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