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The Athabasca River Bridge has the largest bridge deck in Alberta.

The bridge deck measures 472m (1550’) long by 33m (108’) – approximately the size of five football fields. Construction was to occur under difficult Alberta winter conditions above water.

The Bridge Contractor was looking for a deck formwork system that can install easily and safely while saving time and money.

Project results

Half the number of brackets were required compared to steel. The system was light and easy to work with, requiring less labour. On-site crews easily installed the formwork directly on the launching deck, speeding up the process. With strongbacks, equal spacing was maintained inside and outside steel girders – saving material and labour. Overhang brackets were installed by one person lifting it up on the deck and the second installing it into place.

Overhang brackets were easily adjustable from the top, enhancing worker safety under difficult conditions. A 50m (164’) span of brackets installed in just 2 hours!


“We’ve had  great success installing these [HI-LITE] overhang bridge brackets as well  as the  interior aluminum strongbacks…a single man was able  to lift them into  place…”

“On the inside we have 6” deep strongbacks. We were able to install them much quicker than we would have achieved with wood.”

Ken Tanner

Flatiron Construction Corp.

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