Example shows shores used in awkward places where tower frames are unsuitable. See Figure 42, below.

Fig. 42
Fig. 42a
Fig. 42b

Note: All post shores must be erected plumb and braced if subjected to lateral loads. As there are many Manufacturers of Post Shores consult specific load charts for kind, make and size and loads.

Example Single Post Shores can be used to support strings and share the load with frames. See Figures 44.

Fig. 44
Fig. 44a
Fig. 44b

Example: Single Post Shores are also used for extra support inside frame towers. See Figure 45, below

Fig. 45
Fig. 45a
Fig. 45c

Shores have many other uses although the Super Hi-Lite System is now replacing many older, outdated methods, and taking the pace of the Single Post Shore in numerous applications, yet the Single Post Shore still has many good uses such as, the reshoring of the slabs.