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Project Details

The project involved the completion of several bridges and overpasses on I-95.

The contactor required a safe and economical bridge bracket solution to win a 2 year project involving the construction of several bridges and overpasses. HI-LITE’s 6K Aluminum Bridge Brackets solution was chosen.

Project results:

Compared to steel brackets, the HI-LITE Bridge Bracket solution significantly increased the contractor’s productivity cycle and reduced labour cost. Using cross-braces, the contractor could connect 5 brackets in gang form and fly them to the bridge deck were they could be quickly installed. Their light weight also made them easy to handle. For enhanced safety, the brackets are designed with a top down adjustment feature, reducing unnecessary risk of adjustment from beneath the deck.

Finally, the durable nature of HI-LITE’s Aluminum Bridge Brackets made them ideal for use on multiple bridges over an extended period of time. Compared to steel which corrodes and be easily damaged, HI-LITE brackets can withstand the harshest conditions.

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