L = Length of Concrete by 1′

Wide Load per Foot Run of Joist = L x 1′ x Wt. per Foot of Slab

L x 1’0″ x Wt. Conc. = Weight per Linear Foot of Joist

1.6′ x 1’0″ x 162.5 lbs. = Weight per Linear Foot of Joist

260 lbs. = Weight per Linear Foot of Joist using 9″ for Slab thickness

Refer to Beam Chart for load capacity per foot of span on 9″ slab and Plywood Charts for spacing.

Plywood Chart on page 77 shows joist spacing must be under 24″ without using 3/4″ plywood so next module is 19.2″.

Beam Charts pp 46, 47, 48 shows span could be 10′ (if increased leg load is still within leg load limits.

Note: Design for longest joist span using permissible deflection requirements required by builder either L/360, L/270 or other. See Beam Charts Page pp46 – 48 for 61/2″ beam and pp 53 – 55 for 71/2″ beam, note different load capacities. When determining final layout of beam recheck leg loads.

NOTE: Layout measurements used in examples are for easy figuring only. They have no bearing on capacity of system.